How to Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter to a Remote Job

Place your biggest selling points in the top-third of your resume. If a busy hiring manager only scans your resume, make sure they see the most compelling intel first and foremost.

Professionals across a broad range of industries are leveraging their unique skill sets to accommodate a work-from-anywhere lifestyle. Whether you’re a freelance writer, designer, coach, executive assistant, consultant or bookkeeper, you may already be thinking about making the switch. But before you start decorating your home office, you need to ensure your CV is in the right shape. Sam Claassen is the Head of Growth at SafetyWing and a serial advocate for remote work. A longtime nomad himself, he has been to 65 countries while doing growth and remote work consulting for startups and accelerators.

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Write about the student or volunteer projects you participated in as a graphic designer and describe your responsibilities. Beginners should put this information right after the resume summary. In our builder, we have templates for different resume structures, so you can choose the design that suits your particular case. A resume is a shortcut presenting all your related experience on one page.

While work-from-home opportunities have increased since the pandemic, most jobs are designed with on-site employees in mind. For instance, the average company looking to hire an accountant will design the job opening for an on-site employee. When you use the keywords from the job posting on your resume, you stand a better chance of getting past the applicant tracking systems . These systems are programmed to look for certain keywords, and not including them on your resume makes it less likely your application will make it to a human hiring manager. When all of your interactions are through a screen and not always in real-time, your ability to clearly and concisely communicate is an essential part of getting the job done. Make sure the description of past roles matches the requirements of the remote position you are applying for.

Tips for Managing Multicultural Teams & Remote Work

Include examples of how you’ve maintained close communication while working remotely, like scheduling weekly check-ins, sending daily status updates, or hosting online events. You can do this by summarizing the experience you have with working remotely and collaborating over distances. Emphasizing the competencies that aid in working remotely will take your resume to the top of the pile.

how to put remote work on resume

Yet, if you worked from home not 100% of your time but on Thursdays and Fridays only, the best way to address it is in a job description. This method works best for employees who worked from home for years, not for someone who has jumped into a teleworking role quite recently.

How to Write Your Remote Job Resume (Templates + Samples Included)

The design of your document proves your responsible approach to job application and influences the first impression of a recruiter about your candidacy. To cope with this task, just choose one of the effective layouts in our editor.

You just need to think creatively about your skills and experiences to figure out how to list remote work on your resume. Sometimes, we find ourselves applying for jobs that don’t fit at all with our studies or passions. It’s a way to show your future employer that you can handle different things and that you are willing to work independently and hard how to list remote work on resume as long as you can keep doing what you love. So, even if the education you have ‘isn’t helpful’ for the specific job position, find a way to highlight transferable skills that make you a valuable asset for the job. If you have enough work-from-home experience, then it is best to create a new section on your resume specifically for this form of work.

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This is one of the best steps to ensure a hiring manager or recruiter calls you first out of the stack of applicants they receive. It also helps your resume pass the automatic parsing round. Make your resume interactive by linking to your projects, digital portfolio, website, and more. These will show off your clear point of view and stellar skills simultaneously. A candidate, affectionately known as “Fish Guy,” mentioned that he loves tropical fish (and even used a little fish emoji 🐠 on his application). This personable fun fact shed light on his interests, created a memorable first impression, and led the team to fall down the rabbit hole of his portfolio to learn more about him. These roles may call for additional skills or certifications, a jump in seniority, or may be in a totally different field from your experience.

  • Don’t be shy but rather speak confidently about how you’ve excelled in remote roles.
  • Your city and state of residence will suffice; it is not necessary to include your entire address.
  • This can lead to some people taking it easy and not maintaining consistency.
  • There are jobs that don’t require you to “punch the timecard” every day, so you won’t necessarily be bound by a schedule.

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